“I found Ryann after reading "Overcoming trauma through yoga". I felt like SF must have trauma aware teachers, and sure enough, I found Ryann. I have worked with her in a private practice for half a year, she's amazing. My goal was to have a home based restorative yoga practice I could feel confident in, and now I do. Now I am ready to add in Yin Yoga. Today was our first session...she so carefully put together the plan based on what poses I already do in restorative yoga, and what my capabilities are...my body is so happy! Restorative yoga and yin yoga are just like sending a love letter to your body...I highly recommend Ryann as a teacher.” –Mary

“I've gained so much from Ryann's private sessions and restorative class at Thriveability Yoga Studio in West Portal. Her private sessions provide such a fulfilling experience, especially for those seeking emotional healing and recovery. Her knowledge is extensive and her approach is very warm, kind and non-aggressive. I always feel comfortable, in control and understood. 

I've also had the opportunity to join one of her self-care workshops at Yoga Mayu in Noe Valley. It was just amazing! She's so good at leading an intentional workshop and her facilitation of restorative postures brought me into a magical wonderland of self-healing and self-care. If you ever get the chance to take one of Ryann's classes or workshops, do yourself a favor and treat yourself. You'll love yourself for doing so.” –Eric

“I came to Ryann for private sessions as an absolute and uncertain yoga novice.  She has been extraordinarily supportive around my goals and pursuit of well-being.  Her approach is grounded in a real depth of knowledge and is highly individualized.   My experience has been one of feeling invited to grow and  guided to progress in my own way rather than being pushed along through a preconceived program.    I am confident that anyone would benefit from Ryann's work, but can confirm from personal experience that she creates a terrific space for someone beginning to explore yoga in a private session.” –Drew

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